9th Ordix Open


25 Min. / Game
11 rounds on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th.

498 chess players found their way to the Rheingoldhalle despite the lovely sunny weather. That is a new record! 47 GM, 31 IM, 36 FM, 3 WGM and 2 WIM: 119 players have an international title ! Five rounds will be played on Saturday. Saturday
Round 1: One major upset in round 1: GM Georgiev (Elo 2660) blundered a rook in his game against Marc Klügner (Elo 2124). On board 1 Peter Svidler won against local hero Ferdi Niebling, champion of organising club Frankfurt-West. In February Niebling played against Svidler in a simul in Frankfurt and almost won.
Round 2: In an equal pawn ending Alexander Graf managed to lose his game against Jorn Bade. Vadim Milov, who played very well in the Chess960 Open has difficulties with the classical starting position: he lost against FM Grunzmann. A fine result for KARL-editor Harry Schaack: he scored a draw against GM Kazhgaleyev.
Round 3: A lot of losses for the grandmasters: Vaganian, Krasenkov and Sasikiran lost their games. GM Thomas Pähtz, fahter of "Grace" Elisabeth, lost a sensational game. GM Epishin, Kahrlov, Portisch and Lalic had to be happy with a draw.
Round 4: Two Germans on stage: Eric Lobron did not have a chance against Peter Svidler, and Rober Rabiega from Berlin lost his game against Motylev. Living legend Lajos Portisch lost against IM Christian Troyke from Erfurt.
Round 5: After six wins on Friday in the Chess960 Open and four wins in the Ordix Open, Peter Svidler lost in 23 moves against Igor Glek. Sunday: 6th round starts at 10.00 AM.
Round 6: Victor Bologan and Normunds Miezes keep on winning their games, they still have 100% ! Peter Svidler starts a new series of victories by beating GM Mladen Muse. The best woman in the Open, Natalia Kiseleva, won a good game against the editor of the German Chess Magazine "Schach", Raj Tischbierek.
Round 7: A real slugfest in the Rheingoldhalle! No draws on the first 15 boards. On board 1 Bologan won with the black pieces against Miezis. Bologan now has 7 points! There is a group of 3 players with 6,5 points: GM Daniel Fridman, GM Igor Glek and G; Rustem Dautov. Krishnan Sisikiran, the only player who writes down his games, showed some excellent endgame technique in his games against Bogdan Grabarczyk. "Nothing special", was the comment of the young Indian player. After the game he chatted with Vishy Anand about his games. Maybe it will help him in the rest of the tournament!
Round 8: After a winning streak of 7 games, Victor Bologan, the second of world champion Ruslan Ponomariov, lost his first game against Rustem Dautov, the new sole leader after 8 rounds with 7,5 points. On board 2 Fridman and Glek played a draw in only 6 moves! They probably needed an extra break, but unfortunately these ugly short draws happen when an lot of money is involved. However, it was a bit annoying for the players that they sat on stage where everybody could watch this non-game. More fighting spirit on the other top boards: Saskiran´s chat with Vishy seemed to have inspired him: he won again, with the black pieces against Klaus Bischoff. Svilder won an important game against Kazhgaleyev, and do not forget Kiril Georgiev: he won his 7th game in a row!
Round 9: On the top board Dautov and Svidler scored a draw. Bologan, the man from Moldovia, picked up the pace again and won against Georgiev, the man who won seven games in a row as well. After his extra free round in the previous round Igor Glek won against heavyweight Epishin, Karpov´s second in the nineties. Vaganjan, Pigusov and Agrest won their games as well and have good chances to grab some serious Euros!
Round 10: In the penultimate round Sasikiran loses his nerves and loses quickly against Evgeni Agrest. On board 1 on stage, Bologan and Glek do not really want to fight and agree to a draw. Next to them, Rustem Dautov and Rafael Vaganjan on board 2 do really fight for a win. Vaganjan wins after an exciting fight and joins the group that has 8,5 points. Svidler wins again. Sad news for Daniel Fridman fans: in a very good position with a pawn up he ran out of time against Georgiev. Another time scramble could be observed in the game between the heavyweights Epishin and Karpatchev. Epishin played a good game and eventually won.
Round 11: After 16 moves the game between the top seeds Svidler and Vaganjan was over: the game ended in a draw. After 20 moves the other top game between Glek and Agrest ended in a draw as well. But there was another player with 8 points: Bologan showed fighting spirit in his game with black against Epishin. I a roughly equal position the Moldovian grandmaster offered a draw, but Epishin declined. Bologan did not know the results of the other games when he made his offer. But Epishin made a mistake, Bologan could win a pawn and in time trouble Epishin even blundered a knight. Bologan won the Ordix Open with the fantastic score of 9,5 points. Congratulaions! He told us afterwards that he was very tired after four days of non-stop chess. My best games was the one against Georgiev. It was a good defensive game. It does not happen too often that one can beat such a strong grandmaster with black".

Some reactions of the players after the last round:
Before Krishnan Sasikiran arrived in Mainz, he played the Czech Open and the British Open. "I am also a bit tired after the 960 Open and this Ordix Open. I am not too happy with the result. Tomorrow I will have time to relax and on Tuesday I will fly back to India. In October I will play in the World Cup in Hyderabad, after that I will be in Europe again for the Olympiad in Bled. It is a pity that Vishy is not playing, we would definitely one of the top teams with him."
Mayor Jens Beutel was not too happy with the result: "I only scored 5 points. I do not play chess that often. My main problem are the openings with black. I think that this tournament was very successful and I am convinced that we will play in this beautiful Rheingoldhalle next year as well. I do prefer to play in August again, rather than in June. The tournament was good promotion for chess and for Mainz".
The player with the most games in this Chess Classic (25 games) was Professor Freise: He played in the simul against Ponomariov, he played two games against Svidler in the handicap matches, he played the 960 Open and the Ordix Open. "I am exhausted, it played a bit too much chess this week. In the last 4 rounds of the Ordix Open I blundered a piece in every game".
Artur Yusupov told us something interesting: "After the 960 Open, it was a problem to play classical chess in the Ordix Open: the opening position is extremely dull. I had much more fun playing Chess 960 than normal chess" Hans-Walter Schmitt will be happy to hear that !








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