Simuls against World Champions

23rd June - 24th June

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"He had quite some luck", remarked a visitor during the simul of chess world champion Viswanthan Anand. The excited chess fan, who was thrilled by the atmosphere of the Chess Classic Mainz, did not mean the Indian. Before the 'LRP battle of the world champions' in the Rheingoldhalle (start on Tuesday, 5.30 p.m.) the world class player was not fully satisfied. Anand beat 36 opponents in four and half hours and granted two draws. The 'Tiger from Madras' was beaten by Michael Tischendorf - and Eckhard Freise. By this coup the Wuppertal-based professor received public attention for the second time within months. At Günther Jauch's "Who wants to be a millionaire?" Freise was the first candidate who managed to win one million German marks.


Braingames World Champion Vladimir Kramnik remained unbeaten in his 40 boards simul. At midnight the Moscow resident finished the display with 33 wins and celebrated his 26th birthday. He therefore conceded seven draws after five hours and 34 minutes and gained half a point less than Fide World Champion Viswanathan Anand who managed to score 37:3 points the day before. The Mayor of Mainz, Jens Beutel, drew his game with Kramnik.

Photos from the simul against Vishy Anand (copyright Eric van Reem)

Some games from the simul against Vishy Anand

Photos from the simul against Vladimir Kramnik (copyright Eric van Reem)

Some games from the simul against Vladimir Kramnik