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„The 100.000-Dollar-Move“

Carmen Kass comes back to Mainz


CCM Organiser Hans-Walter Schmitt and supermodel Carmen Kass are playing a number of blitz games in the lobby of the Rheingoldhalle. They are playing Chess960 off course and in one of the games Schmitt was a pawn up. Chess Classic press officer Hartmut Metz stepped by and discovered a “selfmate” in one move and whispered in Carmen lovely ears: „Carmen, threathen him that you will be come back to Mainz next year if he is going to play Ng5 the next move!” The clever president of the Estonian Chess Federation looked at the board, looked up at her opponent and asked Schmitt to play the most important move of the tournament !.

Schmitt immediately played Ng5 and spoke the historic words : “This is the 100.000 dollar move !”

Laughing out loud, Carmen Kass immediately mated the organiser by playing Qg2. The coup, inviting the model from Estonia to the Chess Classic Mainz turned out to be a brilliant idea. Never before the Chess Classic became so many time on various TV-station. Even the public German TV station ARD showed a portrait about Carmen in Mainz.

“This has been the strongest move of the Chess Classic 2004”, Schmitt smiled after the game, enjoying a cold beer with the supermodel.



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