August, 4th.
4:30 Uhr p.m.

Alexei Schirow plays classical Chess on 40 boards

Alexei Shirov did not only play 20 games with the white pieces, but he played 20 boards with black as well, which is unusual. Risky business, since his opponents were quite strong. He lost four games against Thomas Michalzak, Volker Seifert, Paul Hoffman and Rudolf Weinzierl. After more than five hours of play Shirov scored 30,5 points.



Peter Svidler plays Chess960 on 20 boards

"I will drop down in one minute". Peter Svidler was exhausted after running around in circles for more than 3 hours. He lost only one game, against Björn Weick from Frankfurt-West, four other players managed to score a draw. "This simul was extremely difficult for me , because my opponents just copied my moves, that was not fair", Svidler smiled. "It was a good preparation for my match against Aronian , though".